BMW R100

  /  BMW R100

Responsible for all aspects. Programs used: Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Nuke

My inspiration comes from a bike chase scene in the movie, Tomorrow Never Dies.

The story stars a couple with a hidden attraction towards each other, even though they refuse to admit it. The motorcycle acts a bridge between the two. It takes them away from their enemies, while surfacing a kindled romance in the end.

I combined two different setting aesthetics for this project. The first setting is inspired by Thailand or Vietnam. It represents the aftermath of the chase scene. The buildings are run down with debris near the riverbanks. The motorcycle leans against the broken railing. Smoke fills the air. I wanted to make the buildings more traditional, less modern than the ones in the movie. 

The second setting is inspired by France. It focuses more on the implied romance between the two characters. The buildings are intact but clearly aged. Some foliage hangs from the balconies. This setting is more prominent in the night scene as the color palette contains more pinky tones.

The motorcycle I modeled for my hero object is a 1981 BMW R100 DM.


day and night color palettes