A wake ensues from the determination of one motorcyclist, as he cruises through the city to meet his date on time. 

Pre Visualization

Story Thumbnails 

A chronically late motorcyclist as a 2D cartoon within a 3D world. 


1 Motorcyclist leaps from his house, swerves to the left and starts a race against the clock to meet his date on time.

As he wreaks chaos in the city, the motorcyclist remains focused on the mission.

3 The motorcyclist shows no mercy to the amounting plume of smoke and debris behind him.

4 Motorcycle is parked in front of the restaurant. As the sun goes down, we wait for the moment of truth: did he make it on time? 

5 The couple lean against each other, silhouetted by the wide world. 

Further developed frame 4 into blocking and layout. 

References for modeling

Final Comp

Responsible for all aspects.