Two neighbors, dependent on consumption through their ly-fi’s, square off to retain their comfortable virtual stimulus. Their preoccupation and urge to retrieve their safety net, while pulling each other down to get ahead, leaves them ignorant to the impending natural sifting phenomenon of the world that dwarfs them.


Forms and their subdominant elements defined through light, shadow, and negative space give a new perspective. Intransigent to their own interpretation, the characters neglect the overall perspective, resulting in conflict.

I am fascinated by the shift in textural qualities—from smooth to knurled to rough—as natural surfaces erode and cut through. With more time or hands, I would like to add more of these textural shifts through graphical interpretations of rock surfaces. 

Characters + Ly-Fi’s

Two sides of the same, consumed by their ly-fi’s, become detached from their world. The comfort and ease of ly-fi’s evoke passivity, pulling Toka and Thirza into a trance. 


Inspiration for ly-fi’s; Toka (left) and Thirza (right)

World Building

The environment of three-dimensional floating planes and volumes explores the harmony between geometric and curvilinear lines as seen in architectural view plans.

As characters go about their days with their ly-fis, the world slowly and imperceptibly rotates and shifts. A thousand years later, the first sign of an expedited shift misplaces a ly-fi into the wrong hands. The perpetual shifts, no longer moving as an undercurrent, speeds through time-space in a downward spiral.

1   Concept drawing of a dream-like atmosphere, simmering with disquietude.

2   Constructed a physical model to explore environment shifts and silhouettes of individual forms to environment as a whole.

3   Translated 2D drawings to 3D space, finding proportional balance between environment and character.


Toka’s house


Thirza’s house

Color Script

Primarily a monochromatic palette with use of color to reveal the mood and quality of space.

Previs + Layout

While the translation from 2D to 3D  for most shots was straightforward, others required a range of iterations as I better understood the world scale and its relation to the characters and story. 

rows 1-3

Row 1 demonstrates the process of refining and replacing the table model, drawing more focus on character’s movement across the screen and focus on the search.

rows 4-6

Row 4 demonstrates one of the more challenging shots. From the original storyboard, I revised the location and scale of the two characters to create visual hierarchy while increasing tension in this initial encounter.

Final Stills

Responsible for all aspects.