An inconspicuously misplaced ly-fi—the one and only source of stimuli both comforting and inimical—draws two neighbors into conflict and links their fate in the hands of their shifting world.


Forms defined by light and shadow opens up a new space to explore or ignore…

Below are digital interpretations of the gradations in textural qualities from smooth to knurled to rough as rocks erode and are cut through.

Characters + Ly-Fi

Two sides of the same are consumed by their ly-fis, veiling the critical questions of their world. The comfort and ease of their ly-fi evoke passivity, pulling Toka and Thirza into a trance.

Ly-fis attach to their owner and glow sundry colors and effects when consumed. 


Inspiration for ly-fi; Toka (left) and Thirza (right)

World Building

The world slowly and imperceptibly rotates and shifts. But when a sudden jolt misplaces a ly-fi into the wrong hands, the shifts no longer moving as an undercurrent speed through time-space in a downward spiral towards Toka and Thirza. 

1   Concept drawing of a dream-like atmosphere, simmering with disquietude.

2   Constructed a physical model to explore environment shifts and silhouettes of individual forms to environment as a whole.

3   Translated concept to 3D space, finding proportional balance between environment and character.

Toka’s house


Thirza’s house


Color Script

Storyboard to Layout to Final 

Final Stills

Responsible for all aspects.